1. What does ‘So-Hum’ mean? Where does it come from?

“So-Hum” is a chant in Sanscrit. {link mantra meditation}
A lot of us chant as a part of our practice. This Mantra, in particular, is quite grounding for a lot of people. There are many invaluable ways of benefit through the use of Mantra & Sanscrit.

2. What is the basis for the project?

A collaboration between the photography of Faern, faernworks.com, faern-in-the-works.com and the writing/interviews of Erica Rodefer of Spoiled Yogi.com

3. How can I be involved?

You basically just ask~ go to the *contribute* tab- or just read below…
Would you like to take part in this project as a model? Please be in touch by emailing
this address sohum.selfexpression@gmail.com and we’ll send more information.

If you are not in the Bay Area or planning a visit, do not worry, there are travel
plans afoot, keep an eye on the blog Faern-in-the-works.com & SUBSCRIBE to the blogs http://sohum-selfexpressionthroughyoga.com/ and http://
spoiledyogi.blogspot.com to keep in touch and get updates on travel plans”

4. Do I have to live in San Francisco to be involved?

No, but right now it helps that you are in San Francisco or nearby as that is where Faern’s Photography is based out of. Faern will be traveling in the fall to do some photography in another state- most likely in the Mid-West- please keep in touch as the need for community referral when the trip does happen will be integral- we will be taking suggestions of nearby cities and yoga studios that would like to be involved~> once the main city is chosen…

5. Will my image be on Elephant Journal? Where else will my image be shown?

One image per month goes to Elephant Journal, there is no guarantee that this will be your image, but it is totally possible. Besides the EJ post, and your interview on the “So-Hum” site, your image may be shown on “Spoiled Yogi” and “Faern-In-The-Works” as well as “faernworks.com”. Recently an image from this project was published in ‘Common Ground Magazine’ as well as ‘Origin’, and it is possible that this might happen again- You will receive a notice of ALL print possibilities BEFORE they happen (I would love to be more specific here, but we are still growing and there is no guarantee that another image will appear in either magazine at this time)

*We are currently looking into other publications, check back- this list will grow…
Let us know if you have any suggestions!

6. Will I get a page on the website that i can share?

Yes, you get your very own page with your most applicable image from the project shoot and your interview to share as you see fit!

7. Will I be able to use the images online?

Yes! The images include the project title on them- this title is required to remain in view online- regardless of the location online (facebook, twitter, your website)

8. Can I put a link to this project on my site?

Yes, please do- you do not have to be a participant to do this.

9. What about a “button” image? Can I have one of those for my site/blog?

Yes, just send in an email “Button Request” and I will send you an HTML code that is all linked up and ready to copy and past to your site. Please, if you want to do that and have no idea what i am talking about- LET ME KNOW and i’ll (Faern) happily help you out! Again, you do not have to be a participant to make this request.

Note: this image looks like this –

10. What are the clothing guidelines? Do I have to wear shoes in the photo shoot?

The guidelines are pretty minimal as the outfit you choose should represent you and not us- Yes- shoes, unless there is a safety issue (ie. like acroyoga or a location nuance)

11. Does it cost money to participate?

No. There is little to no money changing hands here- all work so far has been volunteer- all project costs are being funded internally for now. This is not a modeling job, this is a community participation project. Our hope is that we can represent all the beauty that yoga in real life has to offer- whether in your work suit, or your Sunday best, this is community representation.

*We’d like to set up an online donations possibility to offset some of the web and equipment costs, a place where people that enjoy the project can donate a dollar or two- if you have suggestions about this, please let us know!

12. Do I have to be a Yoga teacher?

NO! Absolutely not! This project is open to everyone that yoga effects and can talk about it (“talk” = answering the interview questions via email)

13. What is the future of the project?

Hopefully, this project can get published professionally and that way the entire community can benefit.
Also working on collecting international entries.

Do you have any questions to suggest?
Faern & Erica

2 Responses to “FAQs”
  1. I hope I will know when you are collecting international entries because I am I live outside of the States. In fact, I live in Belize, Central America, but would still love to participate somehow.

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