Image Share!!

Sooooo on two of my other blogs I’m doing an image share week and i decided to add one in here! I am particularly fond of this sneak peak you all are getting- NOW i KNOW, I  already gave a sneak peak in the form of the “button” add for this blog.. have you seen it? OH i love hat one! If you want to have one on your blog because you love this project- just let me know! you’ll see one at the bottom of this post…

BUT, for now, the image share!

Here we have the awesome Jeremy Simon and Seren Rubens- my Acroyoga friends. We are at the Faermer's Market at the famed ferry building San Francisco

(here is the “button” for this blog…)

If you are interested in the other “image shares” I have going this week, please click the images below:


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