Say Hi To Jody in Tri-Pod Headstand

I have got to be honest- this is NOT a pose that i have tried, i will someday, but just not yet. For Jody though, this was like second nature- at least it seemed as though it was to me. Here we are blocking not only the sidewalk (me) but the doorway to Philz in the Castro… some of the bystanders were quite enthused, as were both Jody and I- but I think this is quite apparent in the image!

Yay for the Red Carpet on the way to Coffee!

Where do you headstand?

ps you can read Jody’s interview here!

2 Responses to “Say Hi To Jody in Tri-Pod Headstand”
  1. Thais says:

    ah how beautiful!! she makes it look so easy!!

    • faern! says:

      I know! Isn’t it crazy?!? She makes a lot of poses look easy tho! Thank you for the comment Thais!!

      Please excuse the quaintness of this message as it was Sent from my iPhone

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